R Chubb and Son

So, for the first proper post I want to tell you about our local butcher.

There are two butchers in East Sheen and the one to go to is R Chubb and Son where it’s still pretty old school even if Chubb (and son) are long gone. Dave is the proprietor but also look out for Ken Tidy, the manager. Dave is the tall one, Ken the short one. There’s also a really friendly bloke who does the deliveries.

I know it seems convenient to get your meat at Waitrose but seriously, Dave’s meat is the business. Whatever you want, Dave can sort it out. It’s all good but I particularly recommend the ribeye steak, the rolled sirloin for a roast, breast of lamb (at £1 a pop, yes, one pound), butterfly leg of lamb, Cumberland sausages and cooked ham. The prices are very good, the butchery skills honed, the choice wide and the beef properly hung. They will also sharpen your knives for next to nothing and if you ask extremely nicely, butcher your game (if like Maino, you like to get a man in to do the dirty work).

Butchers like this are becoming a thing of the past so if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to at least try this place. If we don’t continue to use places like this, they won’t survive and that would be a very bad thing.


350 Upper Richmond Road West, London, SW14 7JT


Very competitive

Good for:

Meat and a few extras plus a good chat about all sorts

Written by: LARA