Eating and drinking in East Sheen

East Sheen is an area with seemingly more than its fair share of disposable income. The Richmond Park constituency (within which East Sheen sits) rides high in the league tables for property sales over the £1m mark and is also, so we are told, the cleverest in the UK (the yardstick being the number of residents that are degree educated – I’ll let you make your own mind up about that as a sensible means of measurement).  From a walk up the high street, this looks like a bunch of people who like to eat out and eat well.

Despite this, there have been genuinely good restaurants (aimed at adults rather than at the constantly swelling parent and child group) that have come and gone. With bleeding hearts, we still remember the escargot, true blue steak and cuboid chippies of La Saveur…..

So, this blog aims to tell you about where to eat, drink and buy food, wine and related paraphernalia in East Sheen and the surrounding areas (Mortlake, Barnes, Richmond and possibly even Putney if we are forced by lack of choice to head down market and in that direction).