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Pickle and Rye (Part 2)

I’m coming back to this as I always intended I would. There was a mixed response to Pickle and Rye (Part 1). Most believe the product is great: serious ingredients and friendly, passionate service. Still much comment on the price though.

I have been back 3 times to see if I can firm up my view – yes, the sandwiches are really good but is it always worth the money in this location? (and therefore can it last?) I have to now say, yes, for sure.

We had a “breakfast bagel and coffee for a fiver” deal – Maino really liked the bagel, I thought it was fine (funny egg). Crucially, it felt like good value. I have also tried a couple of other sandwiches but the stand-out was the turkey club (which was actually constructed classically rather than in the advertised wrap because this was road food for us and therefore recommended as less messy to eat). Seriously good. additionally, these visits illustrated that the place is busy and clearly has a loyal following.

I still maintain you can’t charge a fiver for a sandwich on normal cheap white bread. So, fine, I won’t order that one again


Sheen Lane (opposite the junction with Vernon Road)


£5 give or take

Good for:

Quality ingredients, passionate preparation – you get what you pay for.



9 responses to “Pickle and Rye (Part 2)

  1. This is very interesting! Glad to hear the road trip clubs came in handy. Thank you for your post 1 and follow up post. You mention the Toronto on granary – it’s actually our most popular sandwich. We understand a fiver for a meal isn’t what you may always pay – but it’s for the care and preparation put into each and every homemade sandwich. We know it’s full of flavor and nothing less than what we dreamed it could be. We love feedback always welcome!

    • Hey! I do hope you see this as a good review. I did get a couple of responses from your loyal followers that seemed to have missed that point.

      I had a couple of reservations about food v price in the context of Sheen only but never about the quality of the food and ingredients and given how many people I have seen ordering it since, I must be wrong about the Toronto!

      And let’s face it, that classic turkey club is an absolute winner (Maino had another one for lunch today!)

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment – we shall see you very soon.


  2. Sharon O'Dea ⋅

    I popped into Pickle and Rye purely on the back of this review. The pulled pork sarnie was worth every one of those five pounds, in my view. Yes, a fiver is more than you normally pay for a sandwich, but it was more than twice as good as the kind of Pret sarnie no one balks at sending £3 on. For the quantity and quality of the food it seemed like good value.

    I’m not sure I agree with regards to the bread; Pickle and Rye markets itself as an *American* sandwich bar, and our friends across the pond don’t share the European fondness for bread which ends in a vowel. My pulled pork came in a standard sub roll, leaving all the flavour to the filling.

    Clearly, the owner bought US-style customer service with him; and not in that fake “hi, how are you” way you see in Gap et al either. He was friendly, chatty and welcoming to everyone who came through the door. This guy really knows – and cares about – sandwiches.

    Another bonus was that its office/homeworker target market meant that, at least when I was there, it was blissfully free of the yummy mummy brigade.

    So it was a hit with me. Only problem is I am rarely passing that way during the daytime. But it’s certainly worth going out of my way for when working from home.

    • Thanks for the great comment! To clarify – no probs with sub, just normal sliced bread. In any case, I’m a total convert. love. It.

      I’m going to try and get an update on the opening of the Japanese place so I’ll keep you posted.


  3. Andrew ⋅

    I’m a big fan of Pickle and Rye, For the following reasons:
    1. Alex and Val are so very welcoming, genuine and passionate about what they do. Their assistants are great too and often give me a wave first thing in the morning as a walk to the station.
    2. Their sandwiches are heavenly, truly amazing. The pulled pork is my fav, no wait it is the bbq beef brisket, or is it the reuben, or orange glazed ham and cheese, or buffalo chicken, or mushroom and goats cheese as the cracking vege option. i still can’t decide. the home made pickles are superb and i need a separate bullet point for their cakes…
    3. My girlfirend and I went on a cupcake tour last year in central london, visiting the humingbird bakery, the Love bakery, amongst many others. The best one of the lot was the carrot cupcake from P&R. moist, good amount of frosting and flavouring, simply perfect.
    4. Price – from an economist point of view price is driven by demand. I’ve never seen the place empty. It’s a treat, and paying £5 gives you a great deal of expectation, an expectation that in my opinion is always exceeded. When you see Alex preparing all the ingredients making each sandwich by hand then £5 is a very fair price. All the ingredients are freshly prepared, homemade pickles, pulled pork that is cooked for 4 hours etc etc, it is perfect.
    5. Reliability – i’ve never been disappointed with any purchase.
    6. It is round the corner, – ok maybe not for everyone but I couldn’t wish for a better local.


  4. Sharon O'Dea ⋅

    UPDATE: Perhaps in response to this post, P&R are now trialling the Toronto on sourdough. I didn’t try it – I can’t eat cheese, and the pulled pork is just too nice not to try again – but it might be worth you giving the Toronto another go.

  5. Thanks for the great comments and also ways to improve our products. We LOVE it when people care about what they eat and it makes us excited for new ideas and ways to make you (and your taste buds) sing the sandwich song of joy!

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