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Pickle and Rye (Part 1)

There is no question that Pickle and Rye make a good sandwich. The BBQ pork with home made coleslaw in a (large) soft sub roll with separate pickle is sublime and frankly well worth paying a fiver for.

However, assuming the above to reflect the standard (size) the next I went I ordered the Toronto: beef, horseradish mayo, melted cheese, hot peppers, salad. I could barely contain my horror when I saw that it came on straight pre-sliced granary bread. In my opinion, you can’t charge a fiver for a sandwich with that amount of bread, regardless of the quality of the filling (which was fine). It’s a perception thing. A straw poll of local friends confirms this view. As @NathanThompson says, you want the type of bread to end with a vowel at that price.

@emmaatheparty has always rejected Pickle and Rye on the basis that most sandwiches there cost at least a fiver and this is, after all, East Sheen. After the horror of the Toronto, I’m afraid I was almost with her. This is a sandwich bar that would do very well in the City but like all the other sandwich and food places that have occupied that shop, I couldn’t see that Pickle and Rye can have enough passing trade or committed Sheenites to sell enough grub at those prices given the other local options.

HOWEVER, I walked past twice today and both times it was packed. I’d welcome views on this from local people – have Emma, Nathan and I got it all wrong? To be fair, I’ve only eaten two sandwich types and maybe the Toronto is the only one on cop-out bread. The staff are lovely and the owner (assumed by me to be the American dude) is clearly very passionate about what he does. It really does have some great creative sandwich combos. Perhaps it does have legs after all.


Sheen Lane (opposite the junction with Vernon Road)


£5 give or take

Good for:

Fabulous gourmet (shit word) combinations but the jury is still out for me because of the cost in this location.


3 responses to “Pickle and Rye (Part 1)

  1. It’s all about the filling ….

  2. Jerry ⋅

    I’m sceptical about sandwich shops. I mean seriously, what can they put together that you can’t make better yourself at home given 10 minutes? But Pickle and Rye is so so much better than any I have ever come across and that is probably because it’s owned by an American who takes his flavours very seriously.
    For one thing the fillings are generous, the combinations original and the ingredients clearly very high quality. I can honestly say that I would struggle to imitate the incredible flavour that is there Buffalo chicken without a lot of work. And yes they’re a fiver each but come on – this is Sheen and a lot of residents are clearly willing to pay that for a top class, American-style sarnie. The only thing can could be improved is the choice of fish or veggie fillings and it can sometimes take a while – but only because it’s understandably very, very popular.

    • Jerry – I’m about do part 2 of the Pickle and Rye review. Got a real mixed bag of responses to part 1. I’ve been back 3 times to try and firm up my view. Really appreciate all your comments, keep them coming!

      Best wishes,

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