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Pizza at Valentina

We live near Valentina, and use it like a waypoint for giving directions, because moreso even then the Post Office next door, everyone in Sheen knows where, and what Valentina is, don’t they? We’ve not the time here to discuss the history of the deli, it’s extension into the current restaurant, or the world class pasta which keeps them busy seven nights a week- this is already on the blog. Now the pasta has competition: traditional pizzas made with thin floury bases as you would expect, and allowed the full run of deli ingredients, from simple tasty olives to luscious San Daniele prosciutto.

Having been recently over-indulging in Dominos, the pizza ‘Valentina’, made with no tomato sauce, but just cheese, rocket and ham was like sampling an all-together different food group. The richer Calabrese and Fiorentina were equally brilliant, and are of the right size to be followed by Tiramisu without any guilt or bloating. And you can take away: As an introductory offer all pizza are £5 until the 16th October, which is a bargain. They don’t deliver, so you’ll have to collect, but you know where Valentina is.


210 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 8AH


Pizza, £5 until 16th October, £8-12 thereafter. Well worth it.

Good for:

Feeling better about yourself than you would with the alternatives…


2 responses to “Pizza at Valentina

  1. Washington Keith ⋅

    And we are getting a new Japanese restaurant in the ‘hood.
    Can’t wait

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